Meaningful Moments

Join us in celebrating Seagen’s rich 25-year history with stories of meaningful moments in our mission to transform the cancer care landscape and impact the future of oncology innovation.

From Patient to Practice 2018 Seagen creates Patien Engagement Commitee
From Patient to Practice 2018 Seagen creates Patient Engagement Committee

A Marathon and a Sprint

2020: Seagen Accelerates Early Clinical Trial Milestones for Patients
Seagen Clinical Trial Operations PerspectiveClinical trial site partner perspectiveSeagen Technical Development PerspectiveSeagen Regulatory Affairs PerspectiveSeageb Clinical Development Perspective

Brick by Brick

2017: Seagen Expands Manufacturing Capabilities with North Creek Facility
Patient PerspectiveSeagen Manufacturing PerspectiveSeagen Clinical Operations PerspectiveSeagen executive perspectiveSeagen Scientist Perspective

Crossing a Threshold

2011: Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee Review Leads to First Seagen Approval
Clinical Development PerspectiveSeagen Executive PerspectiveRegulatory Affairs PerspectivePatient Advocate PerspectiveSeagen Scientist Perspective