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Our science

Seagen has been pioneering novel technologies to treat cancer for more than 20 years.

Research that’s transforming cancer care
Our Pipeline

As a pioneer in antibody–drug conjugates (ADCs), Seagen has led the way in novel cancer therapeutics for more than 20 years. Our research team is highly motivated to build an innovative pipeline of transformative cancer therapeutics accelerated by best-in-class technology platforms. Our science is inspired by a singular mission—to make a real difference for people impacted by cancer.

Today, our research efforts are dedicated to advancing a pipeline of:

  • Programs using our proprietary ADC technologies
  • Novel antibodies and other targeted cancer therapeutics
  • New classes of ADC linkers that incorporate novel small molecule payloads to kill tumor cells and induce an anti-tumor immune response
  • Novel antibody engineering technologies
  • ADCs in combination with checkpoint inhibitors

We are in it to use our chemistry and antibody expertise to discover new ways to deliver cancer treatments that provide more than incremental benefits to patients.

Peter Senter, Ph.D.

Vice President of Chemistry and Senior Distinguished Fellow

Science that’s focused on patients first

At Seagen, we employ rigorous science to discover novel transformational medicines for cancer patients. Our Translational Sciences team acts as the bridge between research and clinical development, innovating in both science and process to accelerate the development of therapies that can make a meaningful difference for patients.

What we learn in the clinic, we leverage to improve future drug design. As a team and an organization, we thrive on scientific challenge and strive to deliver transformational therapies for patients. We’re committed to finding the right drug, for the right patient, at the right dose and schedule, as quickly as possible.

Haley Neff-LaFord

Non-Clinical Sciences

As a toxicologist, it’s my job to understand and characterize the potential side effects of our therapies.

Hear Her Storyhttps://sitecorecdn.seagen.com/-/media/Project/Seagen/Corporate/SeagenDotCom/Audio/Toxicology_HaleyNeff-LaFord.wav?rev=22032edc737e47108a6794105ee5302b

Kelly Hensley

Senior Staff Scientist

I joined Seagen to start an anatomical pathology lab to bring in new technologies and help improve how we target cancer.

Hear Her Storyhttps://sitecorecdn.seagen.com/-/media/Project/Seagen/Corporate/SeagenDotCom/Audio/TargetSelection_KellyHensley.wav?rev=12d8934da7dd488daa53c98f6f63cff5

Revolutionary technologies with real impact

Seagen is an industry leader in innovative, targeted drug delivery. ADC technology harnesses the power of potent payloads and the specificity of antibodies to selectively deliver small molecule drugs to tumors. Our proprietary ADC technologies are designed to target cancer cells with greater precision, reducing side effects.

We’re also leveraging our sugar-engineered antibody (SEA)-empowered technology to build a portfolio of proprietary, empowered immuno-oncology agents that can target hematologic malignancies and solid tumors.


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