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Seagen is now part of Pfizer!  Please visit Pfizer.com for more information.

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Seagen is now part of Pfizer! This page will no longer be updated, but you can visit Pfizer.com for more information on this change, or visit the "Ethics & Compliance" page on Pfizer.com
Who We Are

Ethics and compliance

Committed to innovation with integrity

Seagen is dedicated to conducting business to the highest ethical standards. We take our responsibility to patients, healthcare providers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and our community seriously. For more information, please review our Code of Conduct.

We believe that a culture of integrity and ethical behavior fosters innovation and successful development of the cutting-edge treatments that patients need. Our Compliance program is designed to promote this culture through:

  • Written policies, procedures, and standards that help guide our employees toward making the right decisions
  • Designated Compliance leadership, including a Chief Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee, to oversee and ensure a properly functioning Compliance program
  • Education and training programs to ensure our staff are equipped with the tools needed to do their work in a compliant manner
  • Creation and maintenance of effective lines of communication to foster sharing of ideas and reporting of concerns, and to assist in answering questions
  • Internal monitoring and auditing of business processes to ensure compliance and to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Enforcement of disciplinary standards as indicated in publicized guidelines
  • Rapid acknowledgement and response to any reports of possible violations, including undertaking or overseeing corrective actions to address identified issues

We are fully compliant with healthcare laws and all other regulations that are applicable to our company.


At Seagen, everything we do comes from our passion for helping patients. This includes acting with integrity to ensure high ethical standards that build trust and promote a healthy business culture.

Jean Liu, J.D.

General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Legal Affairs

Have a concern or question?

There are many ways to report concerns and receive answers to compliance questions. However you choose to report, we encourage you to speak up when you see something that you believe does not align with our values or is a violation of law or policy.

If you identify a possible issue or believe Seagen’s values are not being upheld, reports can be made any time online or by phone through our compliance hotline and portal. You may choose to remain anonymous when reporting your concern.

If you have a compliance question, you can also contact the Compliance team directly.

Speak Up Hotline


Speak Up Portal

Report a concern

Email (non-anonymous)