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Real stories of life with cancer

Navigating a cancer diagnosis is never easy. But it’s a challenge faced by millions of people every year around the world. Here are some of their stories.

Currently my cancer is stable. My family still kind of watches me all the time. They always ask, “How are you doing?” I’m like, “I’m doing fine". I get up every morning. I go to work. I come home. I make dinner. I throw in a load of laundry, and I go to bed. I like to bake, entertain, and knit. Life is very normal and I am very grateful.

If I could look back to the woman who was scared out of her mind waiting to find out if she qualified for a study, I would tell her that the study is a good thing. There’s going to be a whole medical community that is going to support you as you go through this study. Don’t be afraid.

My perception of metastatic breast cancer has definitely changed.  

Julie G.

Living with metastatic breast cancer



Living with bladder cancer

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was shocked. But then I thought of the expression play the cards you’re dealt. I reminded myself to take it as it comes. I believe I can make it through this.

I’m more able to recognize the good in everything—the silver linings. It’s easy when you go through life to focus on some of the negatives and be upset by them. But when you go through something like cancer, you realize that you have to focus on the positive—you have to focus on the good in people and the good in your life. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do.

My mindset was that I was getting through this, no matter what.

Mike R.

Living with Hodgkin lymphoma

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