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Corporate Responsibility at Seagen


Our Corporate Responsibility Report theme “Passion for Patients + Sustainable Innovation” reflects our deep-rooted commitment and relentless drive to help patients around the world.

We focus our expertise and passion for cutting edge science and innovation to develop first- and best-in-class therapies that advance the oncology landscape and transform the lives of cancer patients. How we operate is important and we aim to conduct our business in a sustainable manner that emphasizes safety, responsible stewardship, and with care and consideration for the people, communities and environments we are a part of. We believe that having a strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitment and practice is a business approach and competitive advantage that will help generate long-term value for Seagen by better managing risks and creating innovative solutions for environmental and socioeconomic issues.

Sustainable Future
Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Innovation and scientific excellence are at the core of who we are.  We believe we have a responsibility to cancer patients, shareholders, and healthcare providers to deliver safe and effective therapies.

Patient and Community Care
Patient and Community Care

Engaging with patients and their advocates during the process of drug discovery, clinical development, and commercialization helps our medicines to be used to their greatest effect and keeps us integrated with the groups we serve. We aim to keep the patient’s voice at the center of our work by collaborating with patient advocacy organizations and patient communities through long-term partnerships, financial support, and scientific exchanges. We have an active cross-functional Patient Engagement Committee to help examine and implement these insights.

Employee Empowerment
Employee Empowerment

The engagement, development, and retention of our employees is an important part of our ability to deliver on our mission and purpose. At Seagen, we believe an engaged and trained workforce results in a committed and capable organization.

Responsible Stewardship

Seagen’s mission of discovering, developing, and commercializing transformative cancer medicines to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives is coupled with a commitment to protect our environment. We seek to manage and limit the near- and long-term impacts of our environmental footprint and have implemented several initiatives, such as reducing waste going to landfills and reducing water use. 

Corporate Responsibility Report
Corporate Responsibility Report

Download Seagen’s inaugural Corporate Responsibility Report: Passion for Patients + Sustainable Innovation. Released in 2021.

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