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Social media terms of use

Following Seagen on Twitter

Seagen is committed to maintaining the highest ethical, legal, and regulatory standards in all its interactions, including those with the Twitter community. To ensure mutual understanding of how Seagen will use Twitter, we have developed the following guidelines for our followers and others who may visit our Twitter account @SeagenGlobal.


  • Twitter is meant to be an open forum, and we welcome your mentions, retweets and replies. We will do our best to reply to your questions, but we cannot guarantee a response. In addition, we will not respond to inflammatory or disrespectful comments, or posts using foul language.

  • In some cases, Seagen may not be able to respond, particularly when questions or comments relate to financial, legal, medical, confidential, or regulatory issues.

  • If we interact with any user content posted to our Twitter account, we will do so in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We have no control over Twitter’s privacy practices, and users are responsible for making themselves aware of the platform’s privacy policy and other terms.


  • Seagen does not endorse any comments or products of its followers or of any Twitter accounts it follows.

  • When Seagen provides links or references to external websites through its tweets, it claims no responsibility for, and does not endorse, the content, policies, or practices of these linked or referenced websites and is not liable for any damages or injury arising from your use of such websites. We do not monitor or verify the linked content. Please review the privacy policy of every website you visit. These links are provided for our followers' and Twitter users' convenience only.

  • Seagen reserves all rights relating to the Seagen Twitter account, including, but not limited to, modifying or discontinuing the content of the account or the account in full, rejecting Twitter followers, and responding to any questions or comments.