Celebrating Caregivers During this National Family Caregivers Month and Beyond

Krystle and Josh Image

November is National Family Caregivers Month (NFCM) – a month dedicated to showing appreciation for caregivers and recognizing the invaluable role they play in supporting their loved ones. Today, around six million people are caregivers to people living with cancer, with responsibilities including physical, emotional, and practical support.

At Seagen, we know the far-reaching impact a cancer diagnosis can have and the difference having a strong support system can make when navigating a cancer experience. As such, this NFCM, we’d like to introduce you to two incredible caregivers – Krystle and Kim – and highlight their experiences as caregivers to their husbands following their cancer diagnoses.

Krystle’s Story

When Krystle found out that her husband, Josh, was diagnosed with Advanced Stage Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2013, she felt as though her “life was shattered.” Following Josh’s diagnosis, Krystle quickly took on the caregiver role, which included taking Josh to and from therapies, providing meals, and supporting Josh emotionally.

As Krystle and Josh were planning on having children within the next year, they were especially worried about what this diagnosis meant for their future. Fortunately, after participating in a clinical trial, Josh is now in remission. Today, Krystle and Josh are parents to two daughters.

Here’s her story:

Kim's Story

In 2016, Kim became a caregiver to her husband Derrick after he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Similar to Krystle, Kim described the diagnosis as “changing my world, our future, and our plans.” Almost immediately after Derrick’s diagnosis, Kim was focused on helping Derrick find the right treatment plan.

Once they found a clinical trial, Kim accompanied Derrick to his appointments, communicated with his healthcare providers, and shared updates with their broader family. Outside of appointments, she also helped Derrick with medication adherence and often found herself asking questions like “have you taken your pills?” Fast forward to today, and Derrick’s CT scans show no evidence of cancer.

Listen to Kim share more about her experience as a caregiver:

As Kim and Krystle’s stories highlight, cancer diagnoses often come with implications for more than just the patient. This National Family Caregivers Month and every month, we’re committed to supporting caregivers like Kim and Krystle as they navigate the realities of a cancer diagnosis both for themselves and for their loved ones. This is one of many reasons why we created personalized support programs that can help patients and caregivers with everything from finding financial assistance to advocacy.

To caregivers everywhere: We’re grateful for all that you do, and we recognize the vital role you play in supporting people living with cancer during some of their most challenging moments. As Kim shared, “Being a caregiver is not an easy job. But it's worth it.”